Evidence-based Practice

The "Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 4-Module Workshop" is a self-study course for nurses and other healthcare providers. The course is made up of four modules.

Module 1: States evidence-based practice (EBP) definition and grades (strength and quality); differences between quality and research in terms of level of evidence; and developing a question (using PICO format) that leads to a search for evidence. Attendees will answer: Why is EBP important? and Why should nurses care? Continuing Education units = 0.75 (1 CE = 1 hour of education) - PRO1341e

Module 2: Describes how to search for literature (using search engines); critique and weigh the evidence (will include learning simple research terms used in reviewing research results), and determine the value of individual articles in the literature. This module includes samples of different types of reports and provides 1 paper for participants to read and assess top weight the evidence. A rapid review system is explained and the paper used as an example is reviewed based on the criteria. Participants would need to download the paper on their own before starting the module. Continuing Education units = 2.0 - PRO1342e

Module 3: Review literature evidence- by reading and examining 4 papers (2 review papers and 2 research papers). In this module, participants will be asked to provide the level of evidence and quality of evidence of each paper by responding to a series of questions that focus on different elements of a quality review. This module expands on themes provided in Module 2 and introduces new terminology to advance the review process. Participants would need to download four (4) papers on their own before starting the module. Continuing Education units= 2.0 - PRO1343e

Module 4: Synthesize the evidence on topics/themes (understanding what to do with the evidence uncovered) so that participants can determine next steps (translate research into practice by proposing a practice change, develop a research study, conduct a quality improvement project to promote current evidence or choose not to act). Continuing Education units = 0.75 - PRO1344e


Non-Employees: $100.00 per learner
Cleveland Clinic Caregivers: Free (Please follow these instructions)